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How It All Started

Life Means Nothing Until God Means Everything® is more than a brand!

  • I'll never forget the day I was so frustrated and confused. I couldn't understand why I still lacked joy and wholeness even though I had a happy marriage, beautiful children, a lovely home, good health, and successful businesses.

    Growing up, I faced many challenges that resulted in wearing a fake smile and hiding behind MANY masks. The sting of rejection, depression, feelings of unworthiness, shame, anger, and guilt, kept me bound for many years.

    It wasn't until I found the Lord that I gradually healed from all the pain I'd encountered. Finally, life was taking a turn from the worse to the better! So I thought...

    As I mentioned earlier, I had everything that I thought would bring me joy and wholeness. But I lacked one thing; on June 10, 2008, I heard the Lord say: "Life Means Nothing Until God Means Everything."

    At this point, I realized nothing else would bring me LASTING joy and wholeness, like a close and intimate relationship with God. Like me, you may think that you'll be happy once you have the life you desire! WRONG!

    There's a life you've yet known, and that's one that lives to believe, obey, and worship God...DAILY!

    Lasting joy and wholeness don't begin until you let God in! Once you let Him into every area of your life, life has a whole new meaning! I won't stop until I show you just how to experience it!

    Peace & Blessings,

    Chaka Y Jackson, Founder / Owner

    • BIO

      Chaka Y. Jackson is no stranger to inspiring, educating, and empowering Christians to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living an authentic, healed, purpose-filled, and Christ-centered life. She is a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Christian Life Coach & Mentor, Educator, and Minister. She is the Founder and Owner of Restored Vessels® where Christians are helped to break free from personal struggles, rediscover their love for God, and step into their divine purpose.